The Berkshire 2022 Buffett-Munger Show

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As a teenager, I would often find myself watching Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger on YouTube, captivated by their wisdom, humor, and down-to-earth approach to investing. They inspired me to learn more about the world of finance, and attending a Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting became a bucket list item for me. I finally had the opportunity to attend the 2022 meeting in Omaha, and it was an experience I'll never forget.

My journey to the Berkshire Hathaway meeting started in 2020 when I booked a trip to Omaha. Unfortunately the event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Undeterred, I decided to try again in 2022. Arriving on Friday night, I managed to find a last-minute deal on a nicer hotel closer to the conference center, upgrading from my original subpar accommodations.

The Event

If I could do it again, I would arrive earlier on Friday to explore the expo center, showcasing various Berkshire-owned brands, and mingle with fellow attendees. However, the real excitement began on Saturday.

Waking up at 4 am, I joined the queue at 4:30 to secure a spot in the stands. Although the doors didn't open until 7, my determination paid off as I grabbed a seat in section 105. Next time, I'll aim for section 104 to be even closer to the stage. Berkshire Hathaway graciously provided free refreshments like water, pastries, and coffee to keep us energized throughout the day.

CHI Health Center Omaha Seat Map

A standout moment for me was interacting with other shareholders from all over the country. Many were repeat attendees; the couple beside me had attended ten times! I was struck by how these individuals, who didn't grow up with the concept of investing, found financial security in retirement through Buffett's teachings. Despite criticisms comparing Berkshire's returns to index funds, the alternative for these folks would have been not investing at all.

The highlight of the event was witnessing Warren and Charlie field questions for five hours. Their wit, humility, and humor were as sharp as ever, even at their advanced age. Buffett, the consummate salesman, kept the crowd engaged by updating them on expo center sales and encouraging potential purchases.


Attending the 2022 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting was a dream come true for this long-time fan. I walked away with a deeper appreciation for the wit, wisdom, and impact that Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger continue to have on countless lives.

You can watch the 2022 Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder Meeting on Youtube (opens in a new tab)

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