Sean Bolton


September 13, 2019

So what will the world look like in the next five years? My guess is as good as any but I can use emerging trends and upcoming world events as a place to start. The list is probably a collection of obvious predictions to most reading this post but someone might leave this page with a fresh thought or two.

  • A rise in the popularity of meditation and wellness applications Sleep tech becomes prominent as people transition away from catching up to sleep at the weekends and realizing good daily sleep is vital for performance and longevity
  • A hotly contested presidential campaign Focused efforts by social media companies to mitigate foreign influence
  • Electric Vehicle options from all major car companies, market sentiment becomes overwhelmingly in favor of EVs Advanced Autopilot systems become widely accepted as a safer alternative to human driving, regulations begin to slowly accommodate these systems
  • Usage of prominent social media apps drops significantly from current levels as people worldwide become aware of the negative effects that these apps bring
  • Trusted sources of news become ever more valuable as the growth of fake news continues, people will value facts over opinions and seek to differentiate the two
  • Another crypto boom which will dwarf levels seen in Jan 18, separately we will see mainstream tech products emerge that are crypto/blockchain based but don’t use this fact as their sole marketing message
  • The popularity of wireless earbuds such as AirPods reach saturation levels, startups will emerge to take advantage of this fact. Most people will have an advanced wearable device which is measuring multiple body attributes, startups will emerge to take the data being generated and provide real-time actionable reports
  • Lab-grown proteins will evolve and include plant-based versions of entire cuts of meat such as a steak or chicken breast alternative. These products will be on par with their natural counterparts in terms of looks and texture and taste but will beat the natural versions in areas of nutrition, sustainability, and possibly price. The average person will be buying these proteins and huge companies will emerge in the space
  • Alternatives to a 4-year college degree (Lambda school) will become widely accepted by employers and society, the current system will still exist for years to come due to the extracurricular benefits (friendships, moral development, general growing up)
  • Change in rules of some sports due to the mounting evidence surrounding concussions and CTE, this may begin at younger ages and only be applied to the pros when today’s kids get to pro age. Sports include Boxing, UFC, Football, Rugby